Champion Technology Services Training


Jump Start Your Life!

Our Mission

To increase opportunities social and economic services that will provide the community with a strong, vital resource that can be utilized for generations to come. Our initiative I to empower people to recovery from drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, emotional hurts, and all forms of abuse.


We are servicing low income family homes in Lake County Indiana, single parent homes, recovering and suffering addicts, high crime statistics, and much more. We have determined that our community must be given the opportunity to recover from within.

Confidentiality of Records

We protect and maintain the confidentiality of the education records of current an former students. The policy is in compliance wit the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended.

Program Overview

Our training programs help students from all walks of life to deter from high crime statistics,, reduce unemployment, deter substance abuse, and enhance life skills and career training.

The training intent is to lower recidivism (for those with criminal background) to the point of them becoming an asset rather than a liability in society.

Traditional lecture and training sessions will require writing assignments and verbal participation from client. Client will be allowed to participate in various discussions, assignments, or subject matters and will be asked to submit all assignments when completed to the facilitator.

Assessments and Intake

Every student wants to know how he/she will be evaluated. In a traditional course and counseling sessions, you would usually turn in written assignments or through verbal assessments. In our courses or counseling sessions, the student will be asked to participate in various discussion assignments or subject matters. Assignments must be turned in to the facilitator. From time to time, the student will also be given some unique "quizzes" that are embedded in workshop or group forums that make up the course. The quizzes are intended to help the student, rather than for the purpose of "earning points"; therefore, the are not graded.


The student will be given quizzes that are embedded within workshops or group forums that make up the course. The quizzes will measure the amount of information students have retained, rather than for the purpose of earning points. Therefore, points are not recorded on students' transcripts. Quizzes will essentially help the student reach the goal of becoming a certified technician. Quizzes can be used as study guides for certification.